Wednesday, January 18, 2012

mind dump

On my mind right now...

We just put a final offer on the house we have been looking at.  
It is in a bad school district.  
Our school district right now is nationally ranked.
Maybe God will say no to that house knowing that we may need to put the kids in public school some day.
Maybe He wants us to be a little uncomfortable in our house so that we can give more to others who are beyond uncomfortable but are literally dying.

That God wants to give us good gifts (Matthew 7:11) but His goal is not my comfort but for us to use those gifts for His glory.

How I just had the worst day with Caleb in years.
Remembering that my job is to simply point him to the God that can set him free from the bondage of anger and idolatry.  It's his job to receive it.

Thankful my Grandma got a good report from the doctor yesterday and she doesn't have breast cancer!

Wondering how much we have raised for Eagle's nest orphanage.  What if we don't raise anything!!
Then remembering that God asked us to raise the money so He will provide it.

Wondering when on earth my faith will increase and feeling ashamed that I ever doubt Him, when He has shown Himself so much.

Did I brush my teeth today?

Thankful for my little Luke E buddy who turned 4 yesterday.  Remembering all the funny things he has done and said that made life seem not so hard and heavy.  Thinking of how "every perfect gift comes from God'  and Luke E is a perfect gift!

About the 5 loads of laundry waiting on me to fold them.  The dinner I promised to take to a family.

The sweet quiet stillness of my house during quiet time.

On how physically, and emotionally hard this life God has given me is.  But how thankful I am for every bit of it.  Even the dark times.  Even the times I have tears streaming down my face because I can't remember the last time I just sat.  Thank you God for giving me work and a purpose!

Whew!  I feel better!  
Maybe someone will fall in the potty and lighten things up around here:)

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