Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So today we put in an offer on the house that I didn't even want to go see at first.
It feels like home.

(This picture is for you Mom.)
Standing in the driveway looking out.
We are in a cul de sac and if you drive straight down the road there is another cul de sac.


This is called a friends entrance.
So cute.

I'm in love with these built ins!

The view from the kitchen.

The garage.
You know you are a big family when you take pictures of the garage!

This closet is bigger than my laundry room!!

Asher was very impressed.

This is where we lost Jim.
The man room.
We don't even watch TV!
But I bet leapfrog will look great life-size:)

They removed the gator from the sports court...

We've been praying about moving and specifically this house.
I prayed that God would make it clear what He wanted us to do.
The next day the house was removed from the market.
The day after that it was reduced significantly!
So today we put an offer on it.
I'm expecting us to go back and forth for a few days,
but I will let you know what happens!

Meanwhile I am going to soak up the view from my window...


Erin said...

Looks like lots of great space :) Beautiful and LOVE all the storage! Praying!

The Ellis Family said...

That is so exciting Beth!!! We'll be praying that God will make the process a smooth one with clarity for both you and Jim.

Of course this Gator thinks the Gator is a good sign! ;-)

Love you!