Saturday, December 17, 2011

O Christmas tree

Today is a beautiful day!
Caleb and Luke are at a sleep over,
Audrey, Seth and Asher are napping,
Gianna and Emma are playing outside.
There is a chocolate cake baking in the oven.
All the laundry is caught up.
The house is somewhat picked up.
I'm having a good hair day.
And Jim is home!

Today is a day that should be blogged about!!!

And I wanted to share with you our Christmas tree...

A wedding gift.
Great idea!

A trip we took to Lake Lanier 3 years ago.

When we had an only child.

Little baby Jesus.
(I can't see this without thinking of Ricky Bobby praying)

A gift from the girl's ballet teacher.

Emma's angel.

And this is getting ready to be hung on the tree.
It's a key to our room on our wedding night.
We accidentally stole it from Patrick Henry Hotel.

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Kim said...

I just stumbled across your blog through some random blog stalking....blalking(?) I just wanted to say that I love me a hodge-podge of Christmas ornaments that tell a story. The hotel key? Genius!