Friday, December 30, 2011

A letter to my kids,

To my kids,
     You guys are going to kill us!  We just walked away from a kids dream house!  Let me explain.
10 years ago your Dad and I moved here to GA from VA.  I was sure it was only for 3 years and then we would return to the VA mountains and to our family that we both adore.  For lots of reasons that hasn't happened.  I spent most of the first 7 years angry.  Angry at Jim for moving me so far away.  Angry at God for not giving me what, in my eyes, seemed good.  Angry at myself for being angry.
     I was a young Christian and I didn't know.  I couldn't see what God was doing and my faith was still so weak that I didn't trust Him.
    I didn't know that our marriage was so shaky that we needed to be far away from everything we leaned on before.  I didn't know that we had two little girls in GA that needed us.  I didn't know that there were missionaries that needed our financial support to begin their mission.  I didn't know...
     But I do now.  So when we hear from the hospital in VA that there are no jobs... I know.   When we visit Nashville and there are no jobs...I know.  When we look for a bigger house here in GA and find nothing...I know.
     I know that God wants us right here.  He wants you kids to have your best friends live right beside you.  He wants you, Gianna, to have the familiarity of living in the same home a little longer.  He wants you guys to learn to get along so He is letting the 6 of you share a bathroom:)  He is teaching me to be grateful for everything I have and not to long for more.  He is showing us all that more "stuff" (a bigger house, more land, another bathroom, a lake to play on, a theater room, a basketball court, etc) won't make us happy.  He has set the lonely in us.  He wants us to run to Him to fill it.
     I love you guys.  And while I yearn to give your feet dirt to run on and your hands trees to climb, I want more to fill you with the knowledge of a good God that loves you and wants what is best for you.  Sometimes what is best is not what is comfortable.  I hope you learn that quicker than I did.

Treasuring every minute in my heart,

And just because I want to torture you.  Here are some of the things we walked away from yesterday...


Cindy in GA said...

Hi Beth, I'm Cindy in GA from the SL forums (and I'm here in Law'ville!). I've been reading your blog for a while but can't remember whether I've ever commented or not. I just wanted to say that this post resonated with me! We've been here for 14+ years now (from NC), and our "little Georgia adventure" has turned into a bigger chunk of our lives than I ever thought it would!

I always thought we'd get back to NC someday, thought this home we bought was just for a few years, thought we'd have some land with woods around someday, etc. But yes, I can see pretty well how God has directed and used one event after another in my life (it's so much easier in hindsight!), so I trust that this is His best plan for us as well.

Anyway, I enjoy your blog and your sweet spirit. :) Happy new year to all of you!

Beth said...

Hi Cindy! I don't know if you check back here but didn't know how else to find you. Thanks for the note. Sounds like we are in it together:)
I'm praying for you that God would give you the desires of your heart OR give you new desires:) (it's what I pray for me)
Thanks for reading!