Monday, December 26, 2011

Come join us for Christmas!

The morning started with Jim and I sitting downstairs in the quiet
torturing the kids.
Finally we called them each down...

We gave out the presents,
they had 3 each...

My friend Nicole said it and I have to agree,
there is something amazing about watching 2 children destined for a life of
poverty and neglect get to open their presents on Christmas morning!
So thankful God chose us!

Then they opened,
1 at a time.
More torture:)

Except for Seth.
He was not excited about his 2 massive presents.
But that is not why I'm showing you this picture.
I wanted you to see my new bracelet that Jim gave me.
My friend Kim saw that I liked it on pinterest and emailed it to him,
Now THAT is a good friend!!!

Then they played with their stocking stuffers...

Then they butchered a 5 lb gummy bear.
All I can say is GROSS!

Now for their favorite part of Christmas;
giving the gifts they picked out for each other!
They did great.
It was so sweet to see how excited they were to give something to each other.
It warmed this Momma's heart!

Next we thought about cleaning up,
but it looked like way too much work so we didn't.

That was our Christmas.
Loud, crazy, exhausting and blessed.

Tonight we were invaded by the Grandparents!
And it looks like they robbed Santa on their way!

Tomorrow morning Christmas part 2!

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