Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas traditions

Merry Christmas!
It's 11:00 and I haven't set out 1 single present yet!
Thought I'd write to you guys instead and share some of our family traditions.

Every year we do a Jessi tree.
We read a verse and put the ornament on the tree representing the verse.

Every year we make a huge mess...I mean sugar cookies.
Seth ate an entire cup of icing!  

This is my FAVORITE tradition!
We take each kid to the dollar store to pick out gifts for their siblings.
It's so fun watching them get excited about their gifts.
Some of them get really into it!

Then they wrap their gifts on their own if they want.
And for the next day you can hear them say,
"You are gonna LOVE what I got you! 
But I'm not telling!"

We get all decked out and go to Christmas Eve service.
(pillow pet is not optional in this case!)

G, Caleb and Emma got to hold their own candle this year.
They are big time now:)

When we get home there is a gift on each of our beds with new PJ's.

And a new game we play as a family.
This year it is Blunders.
It's a game teaching manners and I have to say; I am a fan!!!

Last but not least Jim reads the Christmas story before tucking everyone in bed.

I better go.  
I've got to put all the little baby Jesus's in their mangers before the kids wake up.

Isn't it amazing that God would send His perfect son here knowing 
He was going to die a gruesome death?!
It's amazing to me that Jesus would willingly come here knowing what all He would go through!
Yet I still sometimes doubt the depth of His love for me?
Lord forgive me for forgetting!

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Kim said...

love these traditions. thanks for sharing. merry merry Christmas to you and yours.
p.s. next year when I have 2 sons of my own, i'm totally stealing some of these traditions. ;)