Thursday, December 15, 2011

Caleb's business room

Last week I walked into the boy's room and found this...
a wall of pillow pets.
On the other side was a table and a chair.
Caleb told me it was his business room.

Over the next few days things began to go missing.
The keyboard to my iPad, my tape, a table lamp...

For the last few days I have found this when I go to check on the boys...
Caleb has been up as late as 11 working in his business room!

What does a 6 year old do in his business room at 11:00?

He draws pictures of his family.
(that alone could take an hour)
He makes a check list of all the books he is going to read...

If he gets bored he may brush up on his beaver knowledge...
He may stare at his mountain membership card
wondering if he will get to go to snow mountain this year?!
He reads through the entire new testament in 3 days!
(um, I was 21 before I did that)
He is crazy proud of his room.
He has even made out a calendar and circled the nights he will be working.
The other day I found him trying to unplug our computer to carry it into his room!

Maybe we should buy him a suit?!

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