Tuesday, November 22, 2011

surviving the dentist with kids

1. Enlist help!
(wake up Luke)

2. Let the big kids go first.

3. Let the little ones watch.

4. Tell them how cute they look in their blue bib.

5. Let them play with the equipment.

6. Tell him his teeth will shine like batman.
(that was good Paige!)

7. Let them squirt each others teeth.
(umm Jennifer, are you sure about this?!)

8. Find an office staff like Dr Carter's
that's not afraid to make a fool of themselves to make
your child comfortable!

I LOVE our dentist office!
They let the kids go back to watch their siblings.
I get to speak to the dentist and not just the assistant.
They will go at your child's pace.
It's more relational and less big business.
And two of my favorite girls are there!
Thanks Paige and Jennifer!
(if you need a dentist I highly recommend them. Ask for Paige or Jennifer)

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