Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Thanksgiving bush

Every year we do some sort of Thanksgiving tree.
This year we had so many hands, it ended up looking more like a bush than a tree.

This project started at night. Jim was on call and I was alone with the super 7.
I had promised all day to do this tree and here it was 8:00, Asher was screaming and all I had was a giant piece of brown paper.

So I appointed Caleb project manager.
Thinking this will either be fabulous or a total disaster!
I told the kids they had to listen to Caleb and I told Caleb he needed to give them each a job.
Emma was not a happy girl!
But after explaining that she will be a manager some time and she needed to act the way she would want Caleb to act for her, she came around.

I sat in the living room feeding the Ash man
and I heard Caleb give each of them an area to color.
Then I heard him walk around and praise them for their work!
"Good job Gianna. Audrey that sun looks great!"
It was one of those out of body parenting moments!
Somebody pinch me!

They finished up and I sent the kids upstairs to brush teeth and get ready for bed while I talked with Caleb.
Me: "Caleb how do you think you did?"
Caleb: "Good!"
Me: "Did everyone listen well?"
Caleb: "Luke did everything I asked and the girls did good but Emma complained."

After piling on the praise I sent him upstairs with a job well done!

Today they stuck their hands on the tree/bush/wreath.
Someone must have forgotten to tell Caleb he was no longer the manager!
Which explains Emma's expression in the first picture.

Here is the list this year (for the grandparents):

1. "God giving us this craft"
2. "hot dogs"
3. "pigs in a blanket"
4. "Seth, Caleb, Luke, Mommy and Daddy, Asher (after a long pause) Emma"

1. "babies"
2. "apples"
3. "pizza"
4. "cookies"

1. "the Lord"
2. "donuts"
3. "the moon"
4. "yogurt king"

1. "my family"
2. "my friends"
3. "my cousins"
4. "Grandma and all them"


I promise I fed them today!

Seth (with a little help from mommy):
1. "uke" (Luke)
2. ball
3. milk
4. mommy:)

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