Monday, November 21, 2011

meet Robert

Meet Robert. Robert is my punk little brother.
Don't let his cute little smile fool you, he is devious!

Example: When I was in college someone broke into my truck then broke into my neighbors truck (who happened to be a cop). When my neighbor came out the crazy guy shot at him and ran. The bad guy got away. The next night I was outside on the trampoline studying with my friends (in the pitch dark with a killer- or at least an idiot on the lose!) and we heard the gate creak. Our hearts were pounding, my throat was tight (my big strong guy friend dove under the trampoline), then my punk brother came running at us with a scream mask on his face!
Pure evil that boy!
Maybe he was trying to get me back for almost killing him with a cardboard box, or when I talked him into jumping out of the back of the farm truck...

Meet Robert's dog.

Titus is a killer.

And he has a bit of a secretion problem.
Look at my babies head!
That's low Robert, real low.

Baby boy thought he was riding a bull.

I interrupt this bashing of my brother to bring you this cute picture of
Ms. Priss. Isn't she gorgeous?!

OK back to the bashing.
Look at my Caleb.
Doesn't he look scared for his LIFE!

Actually I think Uncle Robert is scared,
this ended with a 6 kid pile on (Titus and Robert on the bottom).

Even a killer is no match for this many kids!

And yes ladies my evil brother is single.
You must love dogs and kids.
You must complete a rigorous application preformed by me.
Good luck:)

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