Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Every now and then I'm reminded just how much healing G has done in the last year.
Yesterday was one of those days.

Yesterday, I sent someone to their room to get over a bad attitude.
They screamed and stomped and yelled.
Which lead to this conversation between G and I:

G: "Mommy how old was I when Ms. ____ (bio mom) was my Mommy?"
Me: "G, Ms. ____ will always be your Mom. She is your first Mom."
(G smiles a sweet smile like she is thankful)
G: "And you are my last Mommy!"
Me: (thanking God in my heart) "Yes, I get to be your forever Mommy!"
"You were a little older than Seth."
G: "I was older than Seth when she went to jail?"
Me: "Who told you she went to jail?"
G: "I just know! Is she still there?"
Me: "Well, she did go to jail for a short time. And she is not there now."
G: "Why did she go to jail?"
(I don't even think any of the kids knows what jail is)
Me: "One day I will tell you all about that. But we need to wait until you are a little older (A LOT OLDER!) But I am so glad you are asking Mommy all these questions!
That shows that you are healing! I am very proud of you!"
G: (said matter of factly) "That's when I learned how to bang my head!"
Me: "I'm so glad you can talk to Mommy now and don't have to bang your head anymore!"

So I'm totally freaking out inside!
So thankful she is happy and feels least for today.

Praise God for reminding me just how much progress she has made!
What an encouragement!

"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you."
John 14:18


waldenbunch said...

Every little step is a blessing! Glad you are rejoicing and encouraging other moms.

Erin said...

God's healing grace :) What a sweet sweet girl. Praying He continues to heal and guide her!

The Popes said...

LOVE that girl! God's got big things wrapped up inside of her and get ready, because she's on the verge of breakthrough!

Great job, Mama!