Friday, October 14, 2011


Since acronyms are young and hip and I am trying desperately to stay young and hip with my elastic banded pants, sexy nursing bras and 15 passenger van. I made up my own.
What We Did Today.
You like it don't you?!

So today started with an art lesson by Ms Loria.
Love an art teacher that reads your kids the Bible while she teaches!

They made monsters out of tissue boxes. They can write down their fears and throw them into the box...after praying about it of course.

Gianna was really into the teeth, and the paint.

Here is Luke's monster.
I love that kid!

Later we went to...

how about that for creative writing?!

Next we found ourselves at McDonald's.
The new one.
On 124.
In front of Target.
Don't go!!!
The people who work their are mean!!!

One worker asked me if all those kids were mine?!
I puffed up proudly and said why yes they are.
Then she called me a "breeder!!!"
A while later I ran into her in the bathroom and she asked me if I was pregnant.
When I told her I just had a baby, she grabbed her belly and said "cause I see a little pooch."
Then I wanted to do this to her...

But I didn't.
I'm a master of self control!
Comes with having 7 kids I guess.
Holy crap I have 7 KIDS!!!

Then we ran into Ms Loria's husband and kids at Publix, cause that's where all our rowdy friends hang out on a Friday night.

Before we left, the kids used their allowance money to spend
WAAAYYY too much on a cheap toy...that they love!

This right here is called a Freaky Geek he spent a dollar on it!
2 weeks of work bought him this!
But he loves it.
He bought one about 5 months ago and has kept up with it,
not a small job around here!

That's all I got tonight.
Off to feed a little man
(who started smiling today)
Have a great weekend!

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The Popes said...

UGh! Where do you find all these awesome teachers to do stuff with your crew!?!? SO much fun!