Thursday, October 13, 2011

well hello God

(Caleb and Seth reenacting Duke and the Great Pie War, for all the veggie tale fans)

Tonight I'm going to bare my heart a little more for ya. I have been listening to a parenting class online, you can find it here. Last night I listened to the obedience lesson. I have heard and read so many times about discipline vs punishment. In fact I even wrote about it here. But last night God opened my eyes to the fact that I am doing a great job parenting the heart in all of our children but one. There is one child that I punish more than I correct. I want to get even rather than help them learn. My heart doesn't grieve as they step out in disobedience. Last night I received a little bit of correction myself.

And because God knows me so well, He knows that I sometimes see my sin but get lazy about actually turning from it. He drove the point home this morning in Bible study. Jennifer talked about God being our eye opener. Then she asked some questions, like...

1. Are you more interested in your way or God's way?
2. Are you more interested in pleasing God or pleasing yourself?
3. Are you more embarrassed about it in front of others or in front of him?
(Can we say OUCH!!)

She also said that once you have seen your sin and you are turning from it, you will continue to battle it. I can't tell you how many women have talked with me about battling the same sin issue in themselves over and over and over again. Each time they are just filled with more shame and guilt. I can relate.

So I am dedicated to praying that God will help me parent this child in a loving way even if they are being anything but loving all day long. I'm telling you because I believe that "the power of sin is in secrecy." I pray that when I fail, which I'm sure I will, that I will focus on the progress I have made instead of how far away from perfection I am. I pray that God would use my flaws to point out His perfection.

Happy parenting!

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