Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sick day

(picture taken 1/11 traveling from VA)

I remember taking my nursing boards and getting a question similar to this:

"You are a nurse on the step-down unit, one of your patients
is complaining of chest pain, one has a head injury and has fallen out of bed,
and one is being belligerent and threatening to leave.
Who will you respond to first?"

I remember being frustrated with that question thinking that will never happen!
I was wrong. It happened a lot.
And it happened today, except it looked like this;

"You have 7 children, one is throwing up and crying, one is 6 weeks old and is screaming because he is hungry and one is 19 months old and is clinging to your legs making it impossible to move. Which one will you respond to first?"

I'd say being a nurse was perfect training for Motherhood...
especially the neuro floor!

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