Sunday, October 30, 2011


I LOVE road trips!
I get to sit down for hours.
I get to read books, take naps and eat junk food.
AND the kids are strapped in and can't go anywhere.
And Jim is strapped in and can't go anywhere,
which means I can corner him into talking to me for hours on end...
lucky man!

Yesterday we drove to VA.
I learned a little trick from the Duggars about rolling each outfit and then packing it.
I highly recommend it!

Each of the kids gets their own suitcase that fits under their seat in the van.
They are on wheels so they can carry their own bag in...brilliant!

6 sippy cups for the road.

I love my van!

I had been feeling kinda frumpy lumpy lately,
so I went to Target and bought new shoes and a new shirt.
Both on sale.

On the rare occasion when I gave Jim a break from talking to me
I read this book.
Did you know George Muller spent a year in jail before becoming a Christian?

Then I saw this.
Emma calls it "tree mountain"
You know like Stone Mountain, get it?

The Virginia state line

And finally to Grandpapa's house!
Asher you have way more wrinkles then your Grandpapa.

I bet when Grandpapa started marking up his wall he didn't know he would one day have 13 grandchildren!

Story time.
It's times like these I want to just bottle up and keep forever!

Ya'll be safe tomorrow, and have a great Halloween.
I'll have pictures up late tomorrow night.

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