Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Meals

come eat with us!!

I tried out the month of menus last month and I loved it.
Maybe that was because half the month other people cooked for me:)
So I guess this month will be the real test!

Here is the blog that explains what the heck I'm doing.
I have been freezing an extra meal when I cook so my freezer is well stocked
(aren't you proud Grandma?- my Grandma got an iPad and now reads my blog!) and a lot of people cooked for an army when they brought us meals so I froze some of that too.
So I think I'm sitting pretty this month:)
Here it is...

1. PW chicken strips, mac and cheese, fruit, southern soda bread
2. tacos, yellow rice
4. lasagna (freezer), garlic bread, salad
5. PW drip beef sandwich, corn, chips (Jim LOVED this!!!! It's a repeat.)
6. homemade pizza
7. cheddar shrimp nachos, fruit, mozzarella sicks (don't judge)
10. ham, Duggars hash brown casserole, veggie, fruit
11. Momma Lucy's chili, fritos
12. baked potatoes, sandwiches for the kids
13. Jennifer's pork (freezer), rolls, veggie
14. Loria's pasta (freezer), bread, salad
15. chicken salad
16. north woods wild rice soup (don't panic dinner's in the freezer cookbook), crusty bread
17. pancakes, bacon, sausage
19. chicken croissant casserole (freezer), veggie, fruit
20. fish sicks (gag), sweet potato fries, fruit

What are ya'll eating?


The Popes said...

Andrew just started a meat company. I know that sounds weird, but they sell packs of meat thats locally grown and all natural. They deliver to your door or to your church (which can do it as a fundraiser to raise money.)

With a family as big as yours, it would probably be a really good deal!

it's www.angusbest.com if you wanna check it out!

The Ellis Family said...

We did the drip beef and it was a huge hit at our house. We did the Italian version- complete with the peppers. DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!