Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Get real parenting moment

(caleb 7/05)

Every now and then I meet someone who thinks I am a parenting ninja.
This post is to knock me off of any pedestal you may have me on in your head.

When my kids cut teeth the whole world knows it.
They run fevers, they drool like a basset hound. Some times they even throw up and get diarrhea.
It's ugly.

When Caleb was cutting his molars he had a lot of really bad diapers.
His bottom was chapped. He had diaper rash on top of diaper rash.
It was so bad the desitin wouldn't even stick to it.

It was time for his nap and I had just changed him.
I am a pediatric ICU nurse. I can totally handle a little diaper rash!
At the hospital we just let them go naked and put a warming lamp on them if it was really bad.
So I thought I would just let him sleep naked.
(ya'll know where this is going don't you?!)
I knew it was risky but I was feeling lucky!

After a while I heard him stirring in there.
I walked in to find my sweet baby boy laughing and talking and totally covered in poop!
It was all over the bed, on his chest, his head, his hands... that were in his MOUTH!!!
It was everywhere!

It was a "here's your sign" moment.
I have had hundreds.

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Erin said...

Thanks for this :) I love the realness!!!!