Monday, October 3, 2011

Corn Dawgs

Last Friday my Mom and I loaded up the kids and went to a field trip to
This was their favorite field trip last year and probably will be this year too.
Did I mention I LOVE home schooling,
a fraction of the price and no crowds at all!!!

Look, it's the mother ship calling me home:)

Last year I walked around totally home sick for my old country life.
This year wasn't much different.
They have an entire area of tractor toys!

Best big brother EVER!

Emma rocken the zip lines.

This was the crowd favorite!
I think they call it a bouncy pillow.
My kids loved it!!!

And the petting zoo.

Seth scaring the rabbit to death.

Ya'll pray for me!
Mom leaves tomorrow and Jim starts the ICU on Wed.
I'll be on my own the the super 7!!!
At least until Friday when my sister comes to hang for a week.
Thank you God for fall break!!!

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