Saturday, October 22, 2011

Can mommy have a Sabbath?

A few months ago I found myself exhausted and frustrated.
I longed to just sit and read a book or watch TV or just sit and do nothing!
I looked at my day and I couldn't find anything I could get rid of to make time to just sit.
I knew God had called us to all of the things we were doing; having a large family,
homeschooling, adoption.
So I wasn't questioning if we should be doing those things as much as
how in the world am I going to keep my sanity and continue to do the things God has called me to?

It seemed hopeless!
Did God not care about my mental well being?
Am I just supposed to sacrifice this entire season of my life and sit and rest later?
Will I even make it to later?!

Then God gently started teaching me about the Sabbath
and I began to be convicted that that was exactly what I needed.
Not only did I need it but so did Jim and the kids.

But how does a Mommy of 7 young kids Sabbath?
I can't stop changing diapers. They are still going to expect food. And there will still be fights to break up.

I started praying that God would show me what He would have me give up.
He started showing me and immediately I started making excuses about why I shouldn't give those things up...that's when I knew that was exactly what needed to go!

I am going to share with you what I do.
But this is what God has shown me.
I don't believe that everyone should do the same thing or even use the same day.
I would encourage you to ask God how you can rest and what you should sacrifice...and then watch as He redeems your time and your energy!!!

In the Old Testament Sabbath is sundown to sundown, so I start resting Sat afternoon as the sun goes down.
I try to get dinner, baths and house picked up before that.
Sunday morning we eat cereal or something simple.
We go to church.
Come home and eat lunch and put the little ones down for a nap.
Now this is the time I used to sit and cut coupons,
plan school for the week and our menu...not any more.

Now I either take a nap with one of the kids (my favorite activity).
Or I go for a bike ride with Caleb and Emma or read books or play games.
Whatever they want.

We eat a simple meal, usually something out of the freezer.
I don't do laundry or any housework that doesn't have to be done.
I don't check my email or get on FB.
I don't blog.

When the sun goes down, I set out the school stuff for the next day, I load the washer and set it to start in the morning.
Sometimes I take a bath and listen to a sermon.
Sometimes I post silent Sunday.

I look forward to Sunday all week long!
I don't mind working hard because I know Sunday is coming!
And it has the extra benefit of being the day I have the least amount of "Mommy guilt."
All week my kids hear "I can't right now." "I 'll do that in just a minute."
"I'm sorry we just can't do that right now." "No."
BUT on Sunday I get to say;
"What do you want to do today?"
"Yes, we can do that!"
"I would love to!"
Happy Mommy and happy kids and I realize that they don't mind working hard on Saturday because they know Sunday will be all about them!

"Six days shall work be done, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of solemn rest,
holy to the Lord."
Exodus 31:15

Happy resting!

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