Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beth's top picks: Baby edition

I often get asked about different baby products so I thought I would share with you guys my favorites.
These are the things that have made my life easier over the years.
This is probably going to be geared more toward having children close together.
Here we go Oprah style...

Are you listening?!
A sling. If you have only one child this is not needed (unless your baby is fussy like Caleb)
If kids are showing up at your house every 18 months you want a GOOD sling!
I have tried lots of them but my all time favorite is this one.
It's called the moby wrap and my friend Loria let me borrow hers.
Don't be intimidated! It is well worth the time and energy it takes for both of you to get used to it! If I had it on now I wouldn't be trying to type with one hand.

A highchair.
We had a wooden one first and I loved it for the over 1 year olds, but babies start eating before they are sitting up so a wooden highchair won't work.
And let me tell you from experience a bouncy on a table...not a good idea!
This one is Chico and it lays way back and adjusts heights and folds up easily.

A portable swing is a must in our house.
It doesn't matter what brand but you want to be able to pick that thing up and move it with you.
We have a swing downstairs and a bouncy upstairs.
You can get a bouncy seat for $20 and it is totally worth it not to be carrying that thing up and down stairs with you!

Spend the money with your first to get a good one!
We got the jeep 3 wheel stroller and loved it so much that when Babies R Us did their trade in special we traded ours for a new one.
It's great because you can push with one hand and hold a toddler's hand with the other.
I would often be wearing a baby and pushing one too.

Next we bought a sit and stand stroller (to the right).
It advertises you can put 2 kids in there but we pack it full.
This one is a little harder to push but folds up better than most and it fits easily through doors.

We also have this double stroller (to the left) that my sister in law gave us which we love but I wouldn't recommend for stores and small places.
If you take a lot of walks outdoors this one is great.
Easy to push and folds up well.

(Emma and Gianna with baby Seth 2010)

You don't need one but a play mat is nice to have too
Especially if you have 2 sisters that will lay in there with you!

I also nurse my babies and once you have more than one you have no choice
but to nurse in public!
My favorite thing to use is a sarong wrap, you know those things you cover up at the beach with.
It's perfect because it is big enough to cover all away around your back when you have to walk around.

And there is an app for everything, even nursing.
I use an app called total baby.
It keeps up with how long it's been since I fed.
I don't put my babies on set schedules but they naturally fall into a routine with the way I try to structure their sleep and wake time.
So I know if they are crying and it's only been about an hour then they are probably sleepy or gassy or whatever.
This app keeps up with that because I just can't!
It also keeps up with diaper changes, doctor visits, weight and much more that I don't use.

And the last thing you need are some extra Mommies!
I may know a few that would be willing to help...
especially if you have a baby girl:)

Enjoy your babies!

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