Friday, September 23, 2011

newborn yumminess!

Sorry I haven't written much lately.
I've been soaking up all those newborn smells!

Last week Asher and I went to visit Jennie at her studio.
That woman can work magic!!!
Asher peed and pooped on everything!
But check out these pictures...

My friend Loria makes these banners and crowns.
Cutest thing ever!!!
If you want one go check her out on fb at stringbean creations.

It's like he's praying...
"Dear God please protect me from swords, lightsabers
and little girls that think they are Mommy.

Go see my girl Jennie at Helmuth Photography


Barb G said...

I *heart* these ... and Asher.

Beth said...

thanks Barb:)