Sunday, September 11, 2011

meet the family

So last night we strapped Asher's helmet to him, said a little prayer and got ready for him to meet the family.

(their cute shirts)

Seth loved him! He did exactly what Emma did at 18 months when she met Luke for the first time. He screamed and threw a fit when we took him out of his arms!
Tantrum avoided with a cracker in each hand.

You have never seen a boy more in love than this one!
Caleb ADORES his little brother.
While everyone else played with the toys Asher gave them, Caleb sat and
rubbed his head and skin and talked about how soft he is.

Gianna could hardly contain herself!
She was so excited she couldn't sit still.
She keeps asking when he will start eating food.

Luke was super excited to hold his little brother but
got quickly bored with the whole thing...
His biggest question was if Asher was here then why is my belly still so big? Hmmm thanks Luke!

So here is the one I'm going to have to watch!
She thinks he is hers.
She is the one that will end up picking him up and taking him to her room to "play."

We've all wondered how Emma was going to do. She wanted a little girl so badly.
She even bought bows and little pink shoes for her sister.
She hasn't mentioned wanting a sister since Asher has been here.
She loves him and spends every second possible doing what you see above.

Here's the whole crew!
I can't believe they are all mine!
How blessed am I?!
What a merciful God to bless me so richly!

And our friend Ms Kim.
Who helped my mom drive to the hospital in a moments notice.
We love you miss Kim!!!

Grandma interviewed the kids after Asher was born:

Grandma: "What do you think Asher Thomas will do when he grows up?"
C: Wrestler or fireman
E: Policeman
G: work on an ambulance
L: fighting man
A: police officer
S: ohhhhhhhh

Grandma: "What would you dress Asher in for Halloween?"
C: Baby goat
E: Lady bug
G: cute dragon
L: red lobster
A: Monkey
S: chomp chomp chomp

Grandma: "How much does Asher weigh?"
C: 4 lbs
E: 1 lb
G: 30 lbs
L: 7 lbs
A: 5 lbs
S: slurp slurp

Grandma: "What do you want Asher to know about you?"
C: "I like to climb. Teach him how to walk."
E: "I love Jesus. I want to teach him clap and say thank you."
G: "I want to teach him to smile not cry. I like to swing. I want to hold him."
A: "I like to play with the baby and sit him on my lap. I want to teach him to make a play house with cushions."
S: Oh Oh ouuuuuuu....

C: "I love Asher so much!!!!!"
E: "I love Asher Thomas."
G: "Asher Thomas loves me"
L: "I like the new baby." (Luke has a slight problem remembering his name:)
A: "I love Asher Thomas"

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Erin said...

Those pictures are so precious :) You have a bunch of great helpers. And their interviews have me smiling and cracking up every time. SOOOO sweet.

Congratulations little man Asher . . . .you are ONE blessed boy!