Friday, September 2, 2011

a little something new

My friend Kim introduced me to a new blog, mommy's kitchen. On this blog she talks about monthly menu planning. (Not the kind were you fix all the food in one day that you will eat for a month- I've tried that. Love it. But don't have the energy or time for it right now)
I'll let her explain it to you here.

So yesterday I loaded the kids up and we hit Costco. I have just about everything we need for a month of dinners. I'm not sure how cost effective this will be but I'm sure this will save me time.
My usual routine is to look at the grocery game website and make my list and menu at the beginning of the week, basing my menu on what's on sale for the week.
I will still need to go weekly for our 8 gallons of milk and deli meat and to stock up on whatever is on sale. But I won't have to agonize over what to fix for the week.

And, I thought of all months this would be the month to give it a go.
So here is my September menu plan:
(judge me if you want. Butter=goooooooood!)

September Menu

  1. hot dogs, fries, fruit
  2. friendship casserole, rolls, salad, green beans
  3. Hashbrown cass, ham, green beans
  4. PW chicken strips, mac and cheese, fruit
  5. pizza bread, fruit
  6. tacos, yellow rice
  7. chicken bundles (freezer), rolls, fruit, veggie
  8. meat loaf (freezer), rolls, veggie, fruit
  9. chicken pot pie (freeze some), fruit
  10. sticky finger wraps, fries
  11. breakfast for dinner pancakes, bacon, fruit
  12. pw drip beef, chips, corn
  13. pw quesadilla de camarones, yellow rice
  14. corn and cheddar chowder (can't remember where I got this)
  15. steak, mash taters, broccoli
  16. sandwiches, fruit, chips
  17. crispy onion chicken, salad, fruit, rolls
  18. lasagna (in freezer), garlic bread, salad
  19. pw meatballs, mash taters, fruit
  20. steak bites, asparagus, rolls, fruit
      1. Chimichangas, rice

Now I know there are more than 21 days in September but at least 2 of those I will be in the hospital. So Mom?! Kids?! You guys are on your own:)

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