Thursday, September 15, 2011

Iphone dump

(my "secret spy")

(on our way home from the hospital 9-11-11)

(what Em and Audrey do every morning
we are taking a break from school and doing our hair:)

(the girls first day of ballet...Emma was nervous about being in a class without her sisters
which led to this look)

(Asher T. in a milk stupor)

(more secret spy)

(where Gianna is 99.9% of her time)

(just me)

(Emma G...)

(sister love)

We have been home 5 days and everyone is doing great! The kids all adore their new brother and they are loving all the attention they are getting around here. Asher is a dream baby. He eats and sleeps and pees and poops and that is about it. He eats every 2-3 hours during the day and at night I feed him around 10:30, SET MY ALARM for 3:30 to feed him and then he wakes up about 6:30. The first 2 weeks I usually just focus on getting a full feed in, which he is doing great! After that they seem to wake up more. I do totally opposite of what you want to do. I feed him, try to get him to have a little bit of awake time then nap (not letting them go more than 3 hours between feeds until they are sleeping 6 hours at night). I have found this helps them settle into a good cycle where they are getting enough food and enough sleep and I usually know which one they need. AND the added benefit is they usually sleep 6-7 hours by 6 weeks! If I wake them to feed them at 11 this gives me a full night sleep...happy baby happy momma! This has been true for all of mine except Emma who did it at 10 weeks. Now that I've blogged this I completely expect him to wait until he is 13 to sleep through the night though:)

Stay tuned I have some super cute pictures from the talented Jennie Helmuth coming up! Can't wait to show you all!

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