Saturday, September 10, 2011

Introducing...Asher Thomas! (A birth story)

Asher Thomas Richardson

(this is where the magic happens)

I'm sitting here in the quiet of the hospital listening to the sweet noises of Asher sucking his fist. Jim just left to go to the ICU for a few hours (I hope). So I thought I would catch you all up on our exciting day yesterday. And say a big THANK YOU for all the prayers, encouragement and even laughs during our delivery.

(Emma drew Jim and I pictures)

My day started with a doctors appointment. My BP was up 146/88. I was sure I was headed to the hospital or the very least bed rest. But the midwife I saw said my blood work looked good and she wasn't concerned about the slightly elevated BP. She told me to go enjoy my weekend with the kids. She said my 24 hour urine had not come back but if it came back elevated they would call...probably on Monday.

(Caleb and Emma with their pillow pets)

I was ecstatic! I started planning how I was going to spend my weekend with the kids. At 2:30 I was sitting on the couch listening to Emma read when I saw a call from my OB on my phone. I knew instantly that we were going in. The nurse on the other end said "Your going to have a baby today!!!" I didn't even catch myself. I yelled "NOOOOOO!!!!" into the phone. It wasn't that I didn't want to meet the baby. I was just hoping for another week for my body to be more ready for labor. I'm sure that was not the response she was expecting.

(my 2 doctors)

I started the phone calls and repacked my bags. Jim scrambled to line up coverage at work. At 6:15 Jim and I headed to the hospital while Grandma and Ms Mary fed the kids. The kids had a few questions like: "Is it going to have white skin or brown skin?" "Is it going to look like an alien?" "Are you coming back tonight?!"

At 7:00 we checked into our room. We had a fabulous nurse named Tammy and one of my favorite doctors in the group Dr Bassil. At 8:30 I was 4cm and 50% having no contractions. He broke my water. Since I have had a prior C-section they can only give a very little bit of pitocin to help move labor along. Uterine rupture is a big, fat, scary deal and is a risk if you are trying to have a normal delivery after C-section. So we were all praying that my body would respond.

Right after they got me settled Grandma, Caleb and Emma came in to visit. I was so excited to see them! I wasn't sure if it was the wisest parenting move at the time. But I have no regrets now. What an awesome memory they will have! My biggest concern was that they would not be scared.

At 9:45 the anesthesiologist came in and put my epidural in. I was having random contractions about every 10 min. Not much pain at all. But since I have had the c-section we wanted a working epidural just in case I had to be rushed back to the OR. That would keep me from having to be put under for a repeat C-section. They also started a very small amount of pitocin to get the contractions more regular.

(Caleb woke up for just a few minutes to meet his new brother)

Times get a little blurry here. My epidural worked really well on my legs and my right side but I could feel everything from my left hip up. It wasn't a big deal but we all wanted the epidural working well. So the anesthetist came in and pulled the epidural catheter back a little and gave me a little more drugs. I felt relief from the contractions almost immediately but I also started to feel very weird. I was laying down and noticed my nose was really stuffy on my right side. I also started to feel like I needed to remind myself to breath. Then I wiggled my right hand and realized it was numb. I told my personal anesthesiologist (aka Jim) who got up and asked if I felt numb in my shoulder? "yes" My neck? "yes" My mouth? "a little" The nurse came in and sat me up. I told her I felt like I was having a stroke. Apparently my right eye was drooping and bloodshot. I had a sympathetic condition called Horner's syndrome. They turned off my epidural and sat me up. My BP dropped. The baby handled all of this wonderfully. I was still wiggle my toes so they felt like the epidural was in the right place.

Once my symptoms got better and my BP improved they started my epidural back up and layed me down. After a few minutes I felt the symptoms returning. Except I could no longer move my feet at all. And I was beginning to feel like I could possibly pass out. Jim thinks the epidural could have also been in the subdural space, which in some cases ends up with Momma not being able to breath on her own and needing to be intubated. Thank God (and your prayers) we didn't need that. They finally gave up on the epidural and pulled the whole thing out. Not to worry I was very numb...everywhere! The kids were watching a video the entire time. Clueless to all the commotion going on beside them! Then they went to sleep.

At 1:00 am the nurse had a hard time finding babies heart tones and after finding them very low she checked me and announced it was baby time! Jim and my doctor had talked about Jim delivering (with Dr Bassil's help). So they started gowning up. After a practice push to make sure I was able to push (because I still couldn't feel anything including my right hand!). We waited on the next contraction. My contractions were still only 8-10 min apart! So we had to wait a while. Then I pushed a few times and out came baby. Both Dr Bassil and Jim said "IT'S A BOY!!!!" I almost argued with them. I was so sure he was a girl! He was gorgeous and loud right away. He came out hungry. Grandma cut the cord. Big brother Caleb and big sister Emma slept through the entire thing!

Asher Thomas was born 9-10-11 at 1:27 am. He was 7lbs 2oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. He is a wonderful baby. Fully capable of letting me know he is unhappy but so far he has eaten well and slept between feeds. He is a wrist sucker and is swallowing a lot of air so I think he will probably have some gas pain in the next few days.

Tomorrow we head home! I can't wait!!! Check back here tomorrow and I'll post pictures of the big kids coming to visit tonight.

Thank you all for your wonderful prayers and all the encouraging messages we have received. We love you all!
The Richardson 9!!!

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Erin said...

What a handsome little man Momma :) Congratulations! Sounds like it was quite the ordeal with the epidural, glad you are okay and Asher came out healthy too. I LOVE the kid's questions before the hospital too . . so precious. Enjoy your new little man, I hope he is a great sleeper and easy babe!