Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A house or a home?

Jim and I came to Atlanta almost 10 years ago as a crazy in love engaged couple looking to find a house. We were looking for a 3 bedroom, 2 full bath house inside the perimeter for under 190k.
We were slightly naive.

We soon found that that house did not exist.
So we looked out a little farther.
Soon we were the proud (and slightly scared) owners of a 5 bedroom, 3 full bath, house slightly above our price range.

For years there were rooms we didn't even walk into!!!
We were living large in big ole house with wicker Pier 1 furniture and hand me down sofas.
Little did we know in the not so distant future we would be using every square inch of that house!!!

I am amazed at how God saw our future and provided for us at a time when we weren't all that concerned with asking for His help...or talking with Him at all for that matter.
He knew what we would be called to do and He provided every detail.

I have evolved as much as this house has.
For years I tried to make it look like a house that everyone wanted...
because I was SURE that we would only be here "1 more year."
And I wanted it to be market ready!
Then one day I woke up and had 5 kids and I was pregnant with our 6th and I decided that I could care less what everyone else wanted in a house!
Our house needed to be functional for us!

We gave away the only nice furniture we had...our dinning room furniture.
I boxed up our china.
And we took a trip to Ikea to make our dinning room our new school room.
We quit dreaming we would ever again park in our garage and moved a freezer and eventually a fridge out into the garage to go along with our small grocery store we keep stocked on the sides.
We also moved almost all of our toys into bins and put them up in the garage.

If you have read our blog long or if you know us you know it is not often you will see our kids in normal clothes. They are in some type of costume 90% of the time.
I don't even notice it anymore.

Yesterday I was looking around (at costumes lying everywhere), trying to figure out where I could squeeze some more room when I saw our downstairs coat closet.
We use it to store the vacuum cleaner and some baby stuff (highchair, exersaucer, etc)
I took all that stuff out and moved the kids 579 costumes into the closet.
Now their bedrooms are back to just having a few dolls and books in them.
No toys.
And. I. Love. It!

Can you just imagine being a 5 year old and staring at this?!!!

this is the stuff that happens to you when you are #6

this is Luke's take on the smolder

Emma casually told me yesterday that she was going to marry our neighbor.
(she assured me that he loved Jesus)
Today she goes on a date with Grandma and comes home with this!!!
At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if she wakes up tomorrow with twins.

G is anti princesses right now

One of the many performances they put on for us.
Right after this picture was taken I was told flash photography was prohibited.

Caleb, I promise you will see this picture again!

Cutest monster ever!!!


So what have you changed in your home to make it work for you?

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