Thursday, September 8, 2011

confessions of a pregnant woman...

1. I'm sitting here (4:15pm) timing contractions. But shhhhhhh I haven't told anyone, I don't want them to be disappointed.

2. They are 20 min apart.

3. I've never gone into labor on my own. I'll be the first person to be delivering their fifth child that has no idea when they are in labor!

4. I'm terrified of's true. It's a scary thing!!!!
I may be more scared with my 5th then I was with my 1st!

5. I LOVE an epidural!!!! With Seth I got it so early that I never felt any pain!

6. I haven't seen my feet in weeks!

7. Shaving is an Olympic event now. Or at the very least something that should be preformed at circus de soleil!

8. My Mom and Ms Mary are saints!

9. I craved ice chips for weeks until I found out that was because my iron was low.
Who knew craving ice chips could mean you are iron deficient?

10. A craving is when you have to physically restrain yourself from reaching out and taking complete strangers ice or coke icee...seriously!

11. This may be the last day I'm not nursing every 2 hours for a long long time.

12. Jim is in the ICU and I'm not sure he has someone to cover him. So while I am pushing he may be answering questions about transplant patients and airways...hmmmm.

13. Every once in a while this little one gets up against a nerve and my entire leg gets a shot of pain and then goes numb. Strange looks follow.

14. I was tempted to buy a mamaroo today.
(it has 5 different motions!!!
car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, ocean wave and I could plug my iPhone into it!)
I restrained myself.

15. Instead I bought this...

16. I have researched how to deliver my own baby...just in case.

17. It's now 10:50 the contractions have stopped.

18. I go back to the doctor tomorrow for an ultrasound, BP check and for them to tell me the results of the labs they took. If I have a lot of protein in my urine I may be introducing you to the newest Richardson tomorrow!!!

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