Wednesday, September 21, 2011

book review by the fab 5

We use sonlight curriculum for our home school. It is literature based and I love it! This year we are reading some chapter books. I read to them during lunch when their little hands and mouths are busy. They all love it, even Seth!

Our first book was the boxcar children. The kids loved it and moaned and groaned when the chapter ended. I thought no book would top it. But our next book was My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett. Here is what they thought of it:

Caleb: "AWESOME!!!!! I like this one the BEST! The best thing about this book is all the animals get tricked!"

Emma: "I like the part were they get tricked and where the father makes a bridge with the lollipops. I liked the Boxcar Kids better."

Gianna: "I like the lion and the rhinoceros brushing g his horn."

Luke: "I like the same thing as Ana."

Audrey: "I like the alligators making a bridge."

Seth: seeing the lion on the book "ROOOOAAAARRRRR!!!"

We are at the end of a 2 week break...soaking up baby Asher. But we started this book...
(how do you like those purple fingernails?) So far it has been a little slow to start but I think it will have a good message.

That's all for tonight. Goodnight ya'll!

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