Thursday, September 29, 2011

An awakening!

So just a month ago a few things occurred to me out of the blue...

1. One day we will get in the van and everyone will buckle themselves up!

2. One day I will say go take a shower and they all will ON THEIR OWN!

3. One day we will need to schedule shower time.

4. One day I will put dinner on the table and sit down and they will all serve themselves and get up to get their own refill!

5. One day I will cook without a toddler attached to my legs.

6. One day Jim and I will be able to have a full conversation without yelling or interruptions.

7. One day I won't step over costumes or new inventions

8. One day I will be the one trying to get their attention instead of the other way around.

9. One day they will realize that I'm not the prettiest, or the smartest, or the best cook...

10. One day my house will be clean and quiet again, I will again be able to sit on the couch and watch TV, we will be able to take trips away, or just sit together...

and while I do look forward to those days, I know my mind will wonder back and I will ask Jim,
"do you remember that one day when the house was so full of noise and toys and laughter? Do you remember when we had to buckle 7 kids in the van? Do you remember bathing 6 kids?! Do you remember how they would laugh and scream and run and make the biggest messes ever?!!!"
And we will look at each other, all old and wrinkled and worn out.
And we will both smile and think now THAT was fun!!!

Caleb, Emma, Gianna, Luke, Audrey, Seth and are worth every min of lost sleep, every spilled cup of milk, every mark on the wall!
There is not a single thing in this world that I would rather be doing
than breaking up your fights, cleaning your messes, kissing your boo boos and spending time with you!

Your overly emotional- totally irrational momma

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Ashley B said...

So sweet...made me cry!