Wednesday, September 7, 2011

37 week check up

Today I had my 37 week check up.
I have gained 31 lbs total!!!
I knew it was bad when we were watching a football game
and I weighed more than one of the players!

This is what happens when I try to eat in the car.
(sorry Hank! I cleaned it all up...promise)
This picture made my hubby want to vomit!
The man can see blood and guts all day long but a little food on a pregnant belly makes him sick?!

(me with my urine jug...we've become good friends over the years)

So here's the deal.
My BP was 145/81 much better than it was with Seth at 37 weeks but it made the doctor cranky.
And I have a little bit of protein in my urine.
So my doctor looked at me...threatened bed rest,
which made me laugh because this is what my bed looked like when I left home...

(I'm in the process of switching the kids clothes out. Don't be jealous!)

He decided he would put me on "light duty"
Thank goodness my Mom is here!!!
I start a 24 hour urine tomorrow and go back Fri for another checkup.

They are trying to decide if I have preeclampsia (which I had with Seth) or just pregnancy induced hypertension (which I had with Caleb)

Friday if my 24 hour urine shows a lot of protein then they want to induce me over the weekend.
This is tricky.
Emma was stubborn and wanted to come out feet first, resulting in a C-section.
So now I really can't be induced other than having my water broke and maybe getting a tiny bit of pitocin.

So we will see what happens.
I do feel tingly in my hands and feet at times.
And I'm having a few contractions a day.
But other than that I'm feeling good.

Can't wait to meet the little peanut.
We are thinking of letting Caleb and Emma hang out in the waiting room while I deliver so they can come in right after the baby is born.
We will see if that works out.

Tomorrow I'm going to show you what my favorite little people did for me tonight (with a little help from the Grandparents!)
Here's a hint...

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Barb G said...

You LOOK great! Some women shine in pregnancy, and girl, you are one of those.

Praying for the health issues, and thanking God that He has already sifted every moment through His merciful hands. (((hugs)))