Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Some days you wonder how you made it through!

...just what would you have to say to be admitted to an inpatient psych ward?! it possible that the zoo is actually cleaner than your bathroom?

...the airport quieter?

...the labor and delivery room more relaxing?!

If you had been at our house today
you would have heard or seen things like this:

"Honey, you're gonna have to deal with this and you're going to need lots of towels and lots of patience!" Jim

me: "Caleb write a sentence with 'why' in it."
Caleb writes: Why did ____ have to pee on the bathroom floor?

"MOMMY!!! SETHY is playing in the potty and there is water all over the floor!!!"
as I'm on the way to fish my 1 year old out of the potty
I see that the transition piece to the floor has been ripped up.

me: "who ripped up the floor?"
guilty party: "CALEB!!!"
me: "Caleb did you rip up the floor?!"
Caleb: "nooooo!!!"
(Sethy is still swimming)
me to guilty party: "Did you rip up the floor?"
guilty party: "No no daddy did it with his shoe!"
me: "daddy is at work! Did you rip up the floor?"
guilty party smiling: "umm hmm"
then I arrive to find Sethy with a bowl dumping all of the water out of a not flushed potty.
I gag!
I dry heave!
I thank God we don't live in an expensive house!
Or have random DCFS visits anymore!

only moments later I hear
thud! thump! thud! scream!!!!!
"MOMMY!!! Sethy fell down the stairs!!!"

"LUKEY!!! Come downstairs so Mommy's head doesn't pop off!!!!"
Caleb calling Luke to dinner

the kids sat at dinner talking about a specific time they all got the stomach bug while we were visiting their Grandpapa in VA
Seemed like the perfect day and time to announce:
"yep, I made myself throw up so that Mommy would give me Sprite!"
(this child is under protective custody at this point of the day)

someone singing..."If I had a new mommy, if I had a new mommy..."
me singing: "she'd be crazy too!"
now I am looking around trying to figure out who is video taping me and how much I was going to win when they jumped out and surprise me!

then I saw this sweet little face as I was praying...

then I checked my email,
hoping someone would send me something that made me feel like an adult again!

and I got this...

and this...

and, oh my word, THIS...
these photos are courtesy of the talented Jennie Helmuth at Helmuth photography

Audge posed for her moms in focus workshop today.
These pictures helped me get through the very last hour until I could put the little punks to bed!

Audrey, overtaken with excitement this morning, made up a song for the occasion.
It went like this...
"I'm going to Ms. Jennie's! I'm going to Ms. Jennie's!
I'm shaking my booty! I'm shaking my booty!..."
thought you'd like it.
It's kind of catchy, in fact I can't seem to get it out of my head now.

And that was the end to my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!


Kat said...

If I could give you a standing ovation I would...but I'm too

So NOT glad you had this day, but glad others have these days too. Makes me feel a little more sane.

Recently my twins figured out how to take off diapers and they find ANYTHING in them fascinating.

Char said...

Oh my, I am gonna pray for you, girl. Sounds like a life full of little loved ones! Try to keep your food down, and your chin up (helps avoid the smells) :) Blessings.

Wife to the Rockstar said...

I loved this post. SOOOO can relate.

Audrey @ The Brown Brigade said...

This is just like a day at my house. I love the humor and the beautiful pictures.

Erin said...

Oh Momma! I know how short my patience is with 1 toddler and 1 in my belly and I can only imagine how crazy it must be (although you paint a very detailed picture) with your sweet family. Hang in there Momma . . . they owe you a REALLY good day!

Carla said...

Can I be your roomie when you admit yourself to the psych ward? HAHA! I can SO relate and I only have 4 wacky goons...although I swear their quirks make them seem more like 8! I woke up this morning only to find someone peed all over the bathroom in the night..including in the bathtub. :)