Saturday, August 6, 2011

A tale of a tooth

Today was an exciting day at our house!
Caleb woke up and told me his tooth was loose. He is 6 1/2 and this is his first loose tooth.
And it was very loose!

He fooled with it most of the day.
We went to a birthday party this afternoon and I noticed a lot of excitement coming from the back porch were all the kids were eating cake.
Just then Emma, the informer, ran in to tell me Caleb had lost his tooth.
His eyes were huge as he sat there and gave me a play by play of his last bite of a twix bar where the beloved tooth fell out of his mouth and landed on the porch.

It's not everyday you lose a tooth at a birthday party eating your favorite candy.
BUT even cooler is that he lost his first tooth at his dental hygienist's house!!!
(Hi Jen:)
I'm totally kicking myself for not getting a picture of the two of them together!

So that left Jim and I to decide what we are going to do about the tooth fairy?!
The idea of a fairy coming into their room freaks our girls out and Caleb thinks it's ridiculous.
Not to mention that a child will loose 20 teeth and we have (soon) 7 children,
and the going rate for teeth is now $1-$20 according to wikipedia.
That's about $300-$400 in teeth!!!

I love to celebrate and this is definitely something to be celebrated so after a little Facebook pole I came up with this...

We had received this cute little thing from a friend when Luke was born...
So since Luke doesn't need it now we borrowed it for Caleb.
He put his tooth in it and left it on the breakfast table.
In the morning it will be replaced by a bowl of ice-cream for breakfast complete with sprinkles and syrup.
I wouldn't be surprised if I find the kids yanking their teeth out with pliers after this!

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