Monday, August 15, 2011

A day in the life...homeschool

Here it is!
A non typical homeschool day at our house.
Non typical because we got everything done and nobody bled.
(not that those 2 have anything to do with each other!
I promise I don't make them bleed if they don't get their work done!

We are using sonlight.
This year we are doing core K
I have a Kindergartener and a 1st grader but the little ones get to enjoy a lot of it too.
Our school starts at breakfast.
They ate while I read the poetry books to them.
Then as they finished up they grabbed their Bibles and we read and went over their verse.
I helped the older ones find the verse in their Bible.

It was gorgeous outside so we decided to do school outside today.
They played with the water table while I did one on one work with the others.
Seth did an excellent job of soaking everyone
...getting an A+ on the water table!

We are using math u see.
I cannot say enough good things about this program!
The kids love it!

Caleb did his work by himself while I helped G with her handwriting.

Then Caleb and Emma worked on their handwriting.
I love it!

Caleb finished his morning stuff around 10:30 giving him lots of time to play.
The last thing he did was language arts.

By that time it was getting hot so we headed inside.
I let the little ones watch a video while I finished up Emma's work.
The little ones usually watch a preschool prep video or leapfrog letter.
All my kids learned all their letters and sounds and sight words from these videos...
and I am not ashamed!

Emma and I worked on her math.
She is learning place value so we just played a game today.
(I know I'm on the wrong side of the light for this picture but I was too pregnant to move)

Here is her work.

Next came lunch.
We read The Boxcar Children.
Then they played while I did some chores.
Next I read to the youngest 4 and laid them down for a nap.
Then Caleb and Emma and I sat together and read a little bit on ancient Egyptian history.
And then they read to me.

Later, after a short nap, I made a rookie mom decision.
I let the kids paint outside while I fixed dinner.
Somehow Seth managed to get a paintbrush and used it as a sword
(because really everything is a sword)
and painted G's hair purple.

The End


Erin said...

What a busy and fun day! I use Handwriting without Tears at school with my preschoolers and LOVE it too. You seriously are super mom ;) Hope you're feeling well Momma! And yes, boys always manage to make something a sword, long before they even really know what one is . . .how is that?

The Popes said...

I think you and I may be soul sister! At least on the same wave length.

You're using the exact same curriculum I am planning to use. Math U See, Sonlight, and HWT!

And Josie learned all her letters and sounds from Leapfrog! Hasn't picked up the sight words yet though. I wish she would!

We did HWT last year for Preschool and Josie loved it.