Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I had really good intentions to take pictures this week.
But you know what they say about good intentions!

(traveling to the beach)
gaucho pants- target
tank- motherhood
necklace- charlotte russe
bracelets- Caleb and Emma's design

sightseeing & lounging
tank- old navy
shorts- I have no idea
(have you seen my baby's haircut?!)

(this will be the only time I will ever post a pic of me in a bathing suit!!! EVER!!!!)
look at that belly!!!
30 weeks- fat and happy!
brown one piece- motherhood 5 years ago

Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday has been just a repeat of Sunday
I love the beach!!!

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Erin said...

You look great Momma! And, you have NOTHING to be concerned about in a bathing suit. You look rockin!

Barbara said...

You look amazing in that swimsuit! I love the little baby mo-hawk...that is too adorable!

Babymama said...

That is exactly how I THOUGHT I would look in a swimsuit when pregnant. Yeah, not so much.
You look so amazing.


Anonymous said...

You look great!!
I found your blog through the Pleatted Poppy blog party. YOu have a great little blog and I'm one of your newest followers. I'd love if you follow back!

Kelli @

Liberty said...

That is the BEST preg bathing suit pic evah! gorgeous!

Monica and Whitney said...

you look fabulous!
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