Sunday, July 24, 2011

random things I learned on vacation (and lots of pictures)

Random things I learned on vacation:

1. How to drive a golf cart.

2. That those tee box markers on the golf course really can be removed and it does actually matter where you put them when you put them back.

3. That there is nothing more stunning than a girl twirling on the beach in a white dress

4. Having a suitcase for each kid that they can carry and be in charge of packing and unpacking has changed our life!

5. I desperately missed my frozen mug of milk each night
(my name is Beth and I have a problem)

6. That 12 kids can be perfectly happy with 2 toy cars, 2 babies,
8 books, a few swords and each other

7. That I need to get rid of 75% of our toys here at home!

8. Staying up till 2 am to edit pictures hurts just as bad the next morning
at the beach as it does in GA

9. Never EVER believe the glass markers that say they wipe right off your window!
(please just trust me)

10. That 10 adults and 12 kids can go through 15 gallons of milk
and 7 gallons of ice cream in a week

11. How to get a 4ft Styrofoam plane and a soccer ball out of a tree
using only a bocce ball and pure muscle
(who thinks Uncle Dave just invented the next redneck game?!)

12. That I have the best inherited family in the world!!!

Come back tomorrow to see the outtakes:)

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