Monday, July 11, 2011

An office makeover!

Warning: AUNT SANDRA, you may want to skip this post! At the very least please sit down and don't read before bed!
(many papers were tossed and shredded in the cleaning of this room)

I'm going to air my dirty laundry!
We have a problem here at this house. A paper flow problem...

It's BAD!
And I know it's bad!
But when it gets this bad you need many hours of uninterrupted time to rescue it.
So since I am nesting and since believe it or not I love to organize I took on the office a week and a half ago.
It was like I was having an affair with my label maker!
I have chipped away at it a few hours at a time every night...
(which is why I have fallen asleep every day while Caleb reads to me, oops)

late into the night!
There it is.
In all it's glory
like a bad episode of hoarders (I've never actually watched it
but I have heard it is bad!)

And here it is now...

OOOOhhhh Ahhhhh!
OK so there still work to be done but can you believe I put my hands on every piece of paper we have here in this house?!
Here is what I came up with...

My friend Erika uses this system, not sure where she got it from.
Erika, care to chime in?
She uses a file folder she keeps downstairs but we needed something out in the open to stare us down.
All bills go under "urgent," "ASAP" is stuff like gifts we want to get people or phone calls we need to make, the "Beth" and "Jim folders are things that we don't know what to do with, the others are self explanatory.
Now the challenge will be getting the papers from downstairs up to these files.
We will see how it goes.

This is the closet I couldn't even get to to open the doors in the before pictures!
(Oh the shame of it all)

In the closet is a file folder with hanging files, one for each room.
(blue for upstairs and red for down- Loria, I know that makes you happy)
In it are warranties, user manuals, receipts for furniture purchased.

Emma and I went to Staples and found these cool cases that hold our tax returns.

Now, this article I found here said you only need to keep them
7 years, but Jim was not comfortable with that
so we keep all of ours.

The majority of what I had to wade through was kids art projects and school stuff.
I have a memory box for each of the kids I keep in the nursery closet.
Things like their first haircut, their baby book and some cute crafts are in here.
G & A have some things given to them by their bio mom and eventually we will do a life book to put in there.
If you are looking for help organizing your homeschool stuff,
you can click here to see what I do for that.

So what is your weak spot?
What have you done to organize your paper flow?
Do you have a "monica's closet?"

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