Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!!


We have been busy celebrating around here.
We started yesterday at our church.
We loaded the kids up with sugar...

had their hair painted...

sent them down water slides...

and scared them to death with 30 min of fireworks!
(there are no pictures of this because each of us had 2 kids screaming
in our lap for the first 10 min)

Today we celebrated with our "best family friends"
who just happen to be our next door neighbors.

how cute are they?!

anyone notice who's missing?...

Audrey is on my friend Kim's lap.
If you are really good you might see Lukey:)

Isn't she going to be a good Mommy?!

There he is!
Taking cover!
He came out between each firework to yell at us:
Then he would run back in the house to watch.

I love that little boy!

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