Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Get REAL!!!

One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog was because I hate fake! I hate it! It's one of the reasons I would usually prefer to spend time with non Christians than with typical church folk. Us church folk can be the fakest people around! We say we believe in something we don't even read. We preach love our enemies while we sit in judgement of those who we see as less holy. I am guilty of this too.

Something happened when we went from having 3 kids to having 5 kids. People all of the sudden thought I was a saint. I mean really! They thought I was mother of the year! That I had it all together! I felt like a walking impostor! The very thing I despised! I wanted to shout out in the church sanctuary "I AM A MESS TOO!!!! I LOSE IT WITH MY KIDS! I AM NOT ALWAYS LOVING AND KIND! AND I HAVEN'T OPENED MY BIBLE IN A WEEK!!!"

This blog was birthed from that. It's my place to shout it out and let you all know, I struggle...sometimes all day, every day! I hope you realize that ANY good you see on here is not me! I am hopelessly screwed up...except for Jesus. I am not bad because I have sinned...I have sinned because I am bad (those that don't believe in the depravity of the human heart haven't raised a RAD child...or ANY child for that matter). Yet He is merciful and good. He has kept His promise to "take out my heart of stone and give me a heart of flesh." And He works on me every day! This big of a mess takes a lot of work:)

Love you all,

And a few of the stars of the blog...

Want to know a secret?
They are a HUGE mess too! But I adore them anyway! Kind of ironic huh?

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Lisa said...

Brilliant and Beautiful. And I wholeheartedly agree. Love Love Love. and a huge hug sent your way.