Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The evolution of our family beach trip

I am in the middle of packing for our Richardson beach trip. This is our 7th annual trip.
I only have pictures of the past 6 years, the first year is pre digital camera.

only 4 cousins
2 dogs
Caleb was 6 months old
Aunt Tanya was pregnant

by far the hardest trip for me
Emma was only 4 weeks old and this was her due date
Jim had to work
6 cousins
1 dog:(
Caleb was 1.5, Emma was 4 weeks

our annual family foot pic

6 cousins 2 dogs
Caleb was 2.5, Emma was 1
Cathy and I were both pregnant

8 cousins 2 dogs
Caleb was 3.5, Emma 2, Luke 6 months

sweet sleeping lukey buddy

8 cousins, 2 dogs
Caleb was 4.5, Emma 3, Luke 1.5
I had just found out I was pregnant
and we were hoping to get custody of the girls

12 cousins, 3 dogs
Caleb 5, Emma 4, Gianna 3, Luke 2, Audrey 2, Seth 4 months

This year we are adding a Grandpapa to the mix!
That's one brave man


Erin said...

You'll have such a great time, what a fun tradition :) I love the pictures from the past years.

The Popes said...

Love the feet pictures!

I'd love to get info on how you found that house. We want to do a family trip with a couple friends but I don't even know where to start.