Sunday, July 10, 2011

Don't cry for me...

(a picture from Easter- just because)

I've been studying Ecclesiastes lately, and tonight I listened to a Matt Chandler sermon called coffee with granddaddy 1. If you are not a religious person Ecclesiastes is the were the song Turn! Turn! by The Byrds is from. It starts as a very depressing book. I mean like jab yourself with sharp objects depressing! But I am now getting to the good part. Anyway in this sermon, which was taped in 06, Matt says if you open his computer you would find a document called "Don't Cry for Me." He goes on to say that every time he gets into a funk he writes a sentence about what he has enjoyed in his life. Like "Don't cry for me...I have kissed a beautiful woman!" (his words not mine:) Always ending with "Don't cry for me I am home!" At the time of this taping he said his document was a couple pages long, wonder how long it is now?!

I couldn't help but hear the irony in this (and many of his other) sermons. November of 09 Matt woke up and had a massive seizure. A CT revealed that he had a cancerous tumor in his brain that needed to be removed. You can click here if you are interested in hearing a video of him addressing his church before surgery. He has since had the tumor removed and is finishing up his radiation treatments. He is doing well and still preaching. There is an 80% chance of the tumor returning.

Matt is living it out. Mark Driscoll said about Matt, "if he suffers well, that might be the most important sermon he has ever preached."

So what would your Don't cry for me say today? Here is mine...

Don’t cry for me...

(idea taken from Matt Chandler Ecclesiastes sermon series)

Don’t cry for me...I have sat in a bubble bath and watched new life make waves across my belly.

Don’t cry for me...I have been loved deeply by a good man.

Don’t cry for me...I am home!

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