Sunday, July 31, 2011

A day in the life (Grocery shopping)

Today I'm taking ya'll grocery shopping with me!
Awe, come on it will be fun...
I won't even make you pay.

First I sit down and look at the grocery game list.
There are lots of other options that are great and even free but I use this one because there
is very little work for me to do.
I have friends that love southern savers which is totally free.
I then come up with a menu based on our schedule, Jim's work week and what is on sale.
This week we are having pioneer woman's cajun chicken pasta, Stevie B's (G's pick), beef and bean enchiladas, left overs or sandwiches, chicken salad, meatloaf (Emma's pick- weird girl) and pizza.
Along with muffins, and sheet cake to celebrate adoption day!

Then I sit down with my coupon notebook and pull coupons for the shopping trip.

I'm a nerd, I know it!
The teenage Beth would be cracking on me!

There are dividers like personal, baby, breakfast, frozen, cleaning, food, etc.
You get the picture.

The coupons are stored in these fancy plastic sleeves that are actually baseball card holders. Now there are other ways to organize your coupons if this makes you want to vomit.
You could just file your paper without cutting anything, then when you get your list together you can go cut what you need.
That seemed to take longer for me.

Then, finally, you get to go shopping.
This picture is from my trip tonight.
I was slightly worried I might get crushed under a pile of frozen food.

We are in the middle of reworking our budget but my goal is less than $700 a month.
Sounds like it should be easy but it's not!
Here I bought 8 gallons of milk (should last us a week), 16 boxes of cereal (I don't pay over $1.50 for them) and a bunch of other stuff.
The trick with saving money on your groceries is buying the stuff you can store when it is on sale and buying enough of it that you won't have to buy again until it is on sale again.
The hard part about that is storing it!

We store it in our garage.
Our garage hasn't seen a vehicle in years!

Here is my receipt from tonight.
Paid $199.56
Saved $93.94
Thanks Victor!

Not as good as I used to be able to do but WAY better than how I shopped before we had kids!
I've got a little fear in me about the teenage years ahead!

Thank ya'll for coming with me!
Feel free to tell me how you are saving money these days.

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