Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bye Bye baby

There has been some talk around here that I've been trying to tune out!
When are we moving Seth out of the crib to get ready for the baby?
And where are we going to put him?

Jim and I had talked about getting a toddler bed and putting him in the boys room.
The boys can hardly contain themselves! They are so excited!
I, on the other hand, am not!

I fully intended putting this off at least another month before dealing with it.
But today as I was talking to my hairstylist I mentioned our plans and she just happened to have a toddler bed that she was going to sell in a yard sale.
So we crammed that thing in the back of the 15 pass van...

Now, this is not my first time around the block!
I'm an old pro at this feeling!
I had it when Emma was on her way, then again when Luke was on his way,
and then when the girls were getting ready to come live with us.
And again when Seth was on his way.

I actually think it gets worst each time!
It's the feeling of grabbing your sweet baby and holding them close knowing the very second you put them in that big bed they are not babies anymore!
Their little butts don't stick up when they sleep and they don't stand over their rail smiling and calling your name.

Nope all of a sudden they are big kids!
And there is no going back!
And you realize you are miles from this...

(Seth 1 day old)
And much closer to this...

(Caleb 6 years old dangling 100's of feet off the ground)

I am actually at war with myself.
My organized, planning side loves the idea of having Seth settled and time to organize the room way before baby gets here!
Not to mention helping him figure out nap time and his new freedom to walk around.
But the Mommy in me is in total denial
We are talking fingernails clinging to the crib I AM NOT DOING THIS denial!!!
(I see you girls nodding your head! You know what I'm talking about!)

So I put on my big girl panties (like I don't wear those everyday now:)
and strapped the super 6 in the van and headed to the baby store to buy a mattress for the bed.

I roll up to our brand new baby store here in Snellville and this is what I see...

Actually what I see is "bye bye baby"
Yep, lump in my throat, fighting back tears!

Then as we are walking through the store I see this...

What's the big deal it's just a sponge, right?
Look at this sponge...
Does that baby look familiar?
Let me try to help you a little...

Except he isn't a baby anymore!

so the story goes like this:
I have a friend who's company sells these fabulous sponges.
He knew I had a camera and that I had the cutest baby in the world and asked me to take a picture of Seth with the sponge.
I dragged my wonderful "best family friend neighbor" into bathing my kid while I took pictures
and now my baby and my friend's hand are being sold from amazon and onestep ahead sites everywhere.
The end

I literally wanted to lay down in the middle of the aisle and cry!
I wanted to find the remote and pause time and sit and rock my sweet baby right there in the aisle
(knowing full well he would just squirm away and run all over the store laughing at me)

But then I heard a gasp!
I looked up to see Emma, wide eyed, both hands over her mouth in complete awe
"Mommy look at this!"

And this is what she was looking at...

And then I remembered: this is NOT the end of my baby holding days! This is NOT the last that my crib will be used! I will smell the sweet smell of spit up on my shoulder again!
All is not lost!
And in my hormonal stupor I bought all new furniture and bedding!

Just kidding, but I might!
Don't tell Jim


Anonymous said...

I am a tad jealous. With RAD we decided no more babies for us. I wasn't ready for that. So now, my baby, who is 4, well it feels like he ages more every single day and each day it takes me further from babydome and it is so so so sad... I balled my eyes out reading this post. Enjoy every second of this pregnancy and holding your precious new baby.


The Ellis Family said...

You have me wanting to hold and snuggle a baby. (And then give it back, of course). I do miss the snuggles and the cuddling and when they could fit into my lap without gangly legs hanging out all over the place.

Hey, I got a Buy Buy Baby coupon in the mail. want it? Obviously, I don't need it!

Erin said...

Pretty sure I could spend all day in that store dreaming about having 100000 children and never having to be out of that baby stage. I knew P needed a big boy bed but you are so right . . .I NEVER want the snuggle age to end. EVER!!!! And how cool, your own little celeb :)