Friday, July 15, 2011

Beach bound!

Today we packed our ENTIRE house up
and headed to the beach for our annual Richardson vacation!

We are headed to Fripp Island SC
but we made a pit stop in Beaufort SC for a few days.

My husband is the master packer!

Got pillow pets, will travel!

This is our house, Jim found it on VRBO. It's costing us half as much as a hotel would cost and it is so much nicer!

look what greeted us
sorry for the camera phone pictures but my big camera was packed up.
This is when you walk in.

my view right now

the boys room...
Caleb and Luke are in the beds, Seth is in the pack n play between them

The girls room (who wouldn't love this as a little girl?!
Emma and Audrey are sleeping head up and
G is sleeping head down
(we are getting creative)

our room...

and my favorite, the kitchen...

love this sink!

and this made me so happy I wanted to cry...
(I know I'm a freak!)

The water festival is going on right now and tonight they had fireworks.
Jim and the kids sat on the front porch to watch them and Luke did what he does best...

Have I told you how much he loves fireworks?

Little trivia for you:
The Prince of Tides, Forrest Gump, Something To Talk About and GI Jane
were all filmed here.

1 comment:

Barb G said...

Love, love, love Beaufort! We plan to stay there on our next beach vacation . . . well after we go back to the Destin, FL.

We drove up the SC coast from Isle of Palms (which we also loved) and fell in love with Beaufort. Hope you are having a good time, that RAD is on vacation too!