Tuesday, June 28, 2011

you guess boy or girl?

Warning: If the sight of a big bellied pregnant woman makes you sick, your gonna want to skip this one!

I am 27 weeks pregnant today!
I am now at the stage that when I need to turn to the other side in my sleep, I wake up (every woman that has ever been pregnant will know what I'm talking about).
It reminds me of trying to do a u-turn in my 15 pass van. I lift my butt and roll a little, then repeat x10. Then when I finally get over on that side I realize that for some strange reason sleeping on that side makes me nauseous. So I repeat the above process again.
Jim says it's enough to "wake your neighbor!" I'm sure that he isn't complaining though:)

I am amazingly comfortable for my gigantic size though. And the kids are starting to get really excited. They have all felt the baby kick now. I need to try to video the look they get on their eyes when they feel it...so sweet!

So since we don't ever find out the sex of our babies AND my husband is no fun and won't guess. You guys indulge me and tell me what you think....I already know what it is, I think
(I'm 4/4 now)
but I want to see if you agree with me.

Here are pictures of my other pregnancies for you to compare...

Caleb at 38 weeks
I was HUGE!!!
my Dr had just made me quit work because my BP was so high while I was there

Emma G at 36 weeks (4 days before she was born!)
I was sick as a dog with her. Threw up for about 15 weeks
If you are a friend of mine I'm sure I saw your toilet up close and personal!
BUT I only gained 23lbs
(got this idea from helmuthphotography)

Luke E Buddy- 37 weeks
Don't remember much from this pregnancy except I loved a good chili dog!

I think they are making fun of me!!!

Seth Michael at 33 weeks
He was a good pregnancy except my BP went up at the end and I had to go on bed rest for a few weeks....poor Grandma had to come take care of all the kids

So whatcha think? Boy or girl?