Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What not to wear Wednesday

I mean what I wore Wednesday (WIWW). I did better this week even though my clothes are getting a bit small (not a great sign at 25 weeks!)

Wednesday- VBS
pea in the pod shirt (with a smashed fruit loop on it)
gap maternity skirt
ann taylor loft necklace
on girls in the background: nothing!

Thursday- VBS
how do you like the weird arm pose? niiiice
motherhood top
old navy pants

Friday- VBS
motherhood dress

Saturday- catch up day
old navy top
liz lang gaucho pants (most comfortable thing I own!!!)

Sunday- church
headband canterberry designs
a pea in the pod dress
vintage bracelet from Aunt Ikie (even her name is vintage!)
boots target

mohawk c/o Daddy
green unironed shirt
pinstriped pants
keen shoes

Monday- bike trail/park day
(no pic of me, trust me you didn't miss anything, but here's what they wore)

Tuesday- Dr appointment
gap t-shirt
skirt babystyle (they went out of business years ago and I miss them so!)
Kelly and Katie shoes

on Seth
mickey mouse PJ's and bedhead

For all you men that just suffered through all that and are now wondering what the point was...sorry! But this is for you! Well not for you...but for Jim.
This is to inspire me to not wear yoga pants EVERY day.
I actually have a lot more in my closet then what I thought!
And I do feel better about myself even when I am this big!

So to get some ideas of how to use things in your closet check out these hot moma's


Babymama said...

You look absolutely amazing! Are you kidding me? That's how I hoped to look at 25 weeks - yeah, didn't happen. :)

We have a "king" too! Too funny.
Stopping by from WIWW...


Erin said...

Found your link at The Pleated Poppy...you're beautiful! Even if you feel big, you look great! :)


Leslie said...

You look great! Love your outfits!!! What a cute mommy you are.

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

1. I love your header...your family is gorgeous!
2. Your bun in the oven is making my ovaries ache just a bit...you look adorable!
3. I cannot wait to go read your adoption story. Our family is not complete and adoption is the road I think will lead us to a happy ending!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

P.S. I'm your newest follower!

Katie said...

You look great!! Love the blue dress and boots!