Thursday, June 9, 2011

letters from the trenches (Caleb's journal 7/1/08)


Tomorrow is VBS day 5. It has been wonderful but it has sucked my creative juices dry. So I leave you with an entry from Caleb's journal when he was 3. This is for all you Mama's out there with strong willed kids...pick your battles carefully and make sure you win the ones you pick! You have a friend here!!!

"It is 11:30 am. You are in the playroom in a buzz lightyear shirt and batman pants, dressed like a 'space alien' just like your favorite book The Bernstein Bears and The Bad Dream. You have a tiny pink doll baby fork that is your weapon. You have had nothing to eat all day. We are in the middle of a battle! The stakes are high. I have a short time to mold you into the man you will be. With God's guidance and my won strong will intact I am armed and ready to fight!

This am started out great. You got yourself dressed and made your bed before leaving your room. I served breakfast, left over cinnamon french toast with powdered sugar and syrup...a special treat! You met me at the table with 'NO MOM! I DON"T WANT THAT! NO MA'AM!!!' The plate of food went in the sink and breakfast was over. You threw a fit and hit and scratched. You went to your room (battles lines drawn). I came up we talked about 'honoring your father and mother' you apologized. Fresh start.

I told you to clean up the business cards that you threw all over the playroom lat night (with Daddy's permission- as long as you cleaned them up ). You did not. Emma, Luke and I went for a walk. You wanted to go. I said "No" You asked why. I said you haven't' done what I asked. We shut the door and left you in the house. 5 min later I checked on you to find you turned on the TV and were watching Bill Cosby. I turn the TV off shut the armour and go back outside leaving you to clean up the cards. I check on you 3 min later, no change. 5 min later you are standing in the front yard NAKED, except for your payless version of crocs. I take you back in and you yell and scream at me. You get bitter juice. you open your mouth wide to accept the Tabasco sauce on your tongue. You lick your lips and say "Yum Mommy! I like bitter juice it's good!" I'm glad my back is turned because I can't help but smile. I know your game! I played it myself. You are MY CHILD!!!
You throw another fit (I can't remember why) You go back to your room. We repeat 3-4 times over next hour. I start to fix lunch you walk in and ask if you can lick the knife. I say "Yes! Right after you show me the clean playroom!" "It's not clean Mommy." "Then you cannot lick the knife yet." You meet that with "NO MOMMY!!!!!! NO MA'AM!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (as sassy as possible) You are helped up to your room while I call your Grandma. After telling her everything she is laughing hysterically! Then she gives me a pep talk (not much sympathy- I wonder why?) During that conversation you somehow manage to unlock your door, climb your gate and run around yelling, "Look mommy I'm a space alien!" (I'm thinking you might be right). I send you back up to your room, hang up with Grandma and shoot up a "popcorn prayer." We talk, pray and now here we are. Me writing at the table, you in the playroom dressed in your space alien cards still on the floor...your lunch waiting on the counter! I do still love this job! To be continued...

1:10 You are sitting beside me eating. You have had seconds of everything:) You cleaned up all your cards and near the end when I asked if you needed help with your cars you said "No Mommy, I do it all myself!" Oh I know how you feel!!!


SECPumpkin said...

Beth, I'm soo grateful you left a comment on my blog. I just (tearfully) read through all your adoption posts. What a blessing for both the girls and your entire family. I'm glad to have found your blog and will now follow it! : )

Beth said...

thanks for your sweet words. I enjoyed reading through yours as well!