Saturday, June 18, 2011

How we survive ICU weeks

Jim is an over zealous anesthesiologist. Meaning he didn't just do his training and get out and work. He specialized and then specialized again and then again... You get the point. Anyway one of the things he specialized in was ICU. An intensivist is someone who takes care of patients when they are in the ICU. He does this about once a month for a week. He picks up his patients Wed afternoon and is in charge of their care until the following Wed. During the week that means he leaves the house at some crazy hour that I'm not even conscious for and gets home anywhere between 7-midnight (all week long!), weekends he leaves around 7 so he can pick up donuts for the staff (I taught him well!) and he gets home anywhere from 3-9. I think he averages 90-100+ hours on these weeks.

It's a rough week. The kids miss him, I miss him and he is emotionally drained at the end. But as an old (I mean ex not old) ICU nurse I totally support and encourage this craziness!!! If your family ever finds themselves in the ICU I hope you are blessed enough to have a physician like Jim taking care for you. One of my first memories of Jim was sitting on the edge of a patients bed talking to him. I was so impressed I forgot all about that "I'm not EVER dating a doctor!!!" thing.

Anyway, the point of this post isn't to tell you how wonderful my husband is...that is what tomorrow is for, right? It's to tell you how I survive these weeks. Which I only have 3 more of before the baby gets here...not that I am counting or anything.

Here is our day in pictures:

the park

Daddy came home for about 2 hours so we gave him his Father's day gift (more on this later)...

played in the rain (which I totally counted as a bath)

Daddy left for the end of the year dinner for the graduating residents

made pizza and pizza bread

Have I told you how loud our house is?
It compares to the airport...seriously!
My head was about to split open so while I cleaned up they read books and then watched a movie

don't they look scholarly?
Then they had a burping contest...seriously!
(I think Audrey won)

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