Saturday, June 11, 2011

How we cured the boo boo queen

We have a little girl who is amazingly gifted in the drama department! She is the next soap star!!! She can turn on the water works at the drop of a hat. And they look so convincing...until you see her checking herself in the mirror and practicing her pout face!!!

When you have children, no matter how many you have, you have too many issues to tackle at once. So some go unchecked for a while until you can devote your attention to them. Well, a few weeks ago Audrey's number came up!

She was driving us nutty, reporting every little scratch or hangnail she had. I can't tell you how many times she came crying to me reporting a boo boo only for me to wipe off a piece of food! I even found her scratching herself and then reporting it to me! It was literally at least every 30 min she was awake!

So I developed a plan...
She's not the only actress in this house!
I woke up in the morning and I was ready for her! I didn't have to wait long. About 2o min after she was awake her elbow had a scratch on it!!!!!!

I sent her directly to bed and propped it on a pillow with an ice pack with strict orders not to move her arm! We went on to have our breakfast and I went and checked on her often, changing out the ice pack and giving her sips of a drink. Finally I asked her if she thought it was healed enough that she could come play? She nodded her head ferociously and jumped out of bed.

But old habits die hard! It wasn't 45 min later that she had a terrible scratch on her leg (it was a crease from how she had been sitting). I repeated the act from above and as soon as it started she said "it doesn't hurt! Mommy it doesn't hurt!!!!" But I didn't want to take any chances and sent her to bed with an ice pack.

I did read to her later about the boy that cried wolf and I told her how I wanted to hold her and help her when she is really hurt but that I am going to have a hard time figuring out when she is really hurt and when she is putting on a show.

I'm happy to report that she has shown me a few scrapes and scratches over the last 2 weeks but they are always followed by..."but they don't hurt AT ALL Mommy!!!" :)

*I got this idea from the book When Love is Not Enough by Nancy Thomas
it is a book written to people parenting kids with RAD but I have gotten so many great ideas for parenting all of my kids from it.

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