Thursday, June 16, 2011

doctor, doctor, give me the news...

Today I did something I've never had to do. Take all 6 for a sick check up!
I am totally blaming this post where I brag about how we NEVER have to go for sick appointments.

It's hard to tell when the bug started. Maybe 6 days ago when Seth was running a fever and I thought it was because of his 3 new molars. But it was in full swing by Tuesday! Luke woke up at 6:30 with a fever he kept all day. Then Caleb came home from the pool that afternoon with a fever of 103.5. Luke was over it by night time but Caleb was just getting started. He spent the next 28 hours throwing up and spiking high fevers. Last night we noticed red throats with nastiness growing on some tonsils (Caleb, Audrey and G).

So today we made a family trip to our wonderful pediatrician.
How I love her!!!!
And her staff!!!!

I first met Dr B when I was working in the PICU 9 years ago. She is a pediatrician and also board certified as an infectious disease doc. Does it get any better than that?!!!
And she is a sweet friend.

Did I mention I love her?
The kids did amazing and they were totally spoiled with not 1 but 2 popsicles while they were there. They all had strep tests done. They were all negative. It sounds like they are all (except for Emma) somewhere in the process of getting or getting over tonsillitis.

If you are in need of an amazing pediatric office in the Atlanta area (we drive 45min- hr for her) then check them out...Sandy Springs Pediatrics

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