Friday, June 3, 2011

Disney day 4 STAR WARS MANIA

I still have no photos to share with you today but this time it's not the computers fault. Jim and Caleb stole my phone (also my camera) and left for Hollywood for star wars mania sometime around 7:00. It is 10:40 and they are still not home. I think they went to the pool while we were out eating. Either that or Jim is hiding from me...

So I don't know much but what I do know is they showed up at the park about an hour before it opened BUT when they got there a bunch of storm troopers where climbing up on the gate and yelling that they were busting the gates open early! Caleb and Jim got to go sign up for jedi training camp. They take 30 kids at a time and he was in the second group. It sounded like they booked up within the hour. If you want your kids to do this (and if they like star wars you do) then get there really early!!!

Caleb went through training but told me they didn't teach him any moves he didn't already know and then he got to fight ventress. Emma looked at me with wide eyes when I told her and asked "Did he win?!!!!" The rest of the day they walked around bumping into storm troopers and other star wars people that don't impress me a bit but they were both beside themselves. They rode the tower of terror and ate at the pizza planet.

The rest of us slept in and played in the pool. Then we came back in for naps. Mom, Grandma and I went and had a massage, and I got to lay on my belly! It was heaven! There is something about massages that make me cry. Really!!!! I get one about every year and a half and I always end up crying like a baby! All I can think is "who am I that I am laying on a table with soft music playing and someone rubbing my back?!" I get all hormonal and overwhelmed! Anyway after my cry fest we went to downtown disney and ate at wolfgang pucks place. Very yummy.

I have decided that the disney dinning plan is from the devil!!!!! At this point it looks like we will have 3 extra sit down meals unused. Now I'm not going to blame anyone for this. Especially my dear sweet husband who has had my first born out for 15 hours. I'm sure it has saved us money but it has been a huge pain in my rear! And consumed WAY too much of my time!

Tomorrow it is the girls day! All the girls are going to eat at the castle with the princesses!!! They don't know yet. I brought their princess gowns and we are going to dress them up and take them there for breakfast. The boys are going to eat at the crystal palace. Then the boys (this was mainly for Luke) are going to the pirate league, where they dress them up like a pirate. I think they may be in a little parade or something like that too! That afternoon we take a boat to whispering canyon to eat and then we head home to pack up for our long trip back.

Whew!!!! I better go get my beauty sleep for my breakfast with royalty tomorrow! Night..

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